• David

What to look for when choosing a coworking space

What makes a great coworking space and how to choose the right one for you.

Coworking spaces have grown greatly in popularity over the past several years. Having catered mostly to startups and smaller teams in the past, these days coworking spaces are attracting more traditional companies such as Microsoft and Dell. They are having a big impact on the company culture, productivity and even the business outcomes of its members.

Make sure that they tick all the boxes with the basic features and amenities.

The Basics

Super fast Wifi - let’s get this out of the way. Reliable and super fast wifi in every corner of the building is non-negotiable. Is it even worth mentioning? Equally as important is making sure that you have a strong mobile signal in the building. This one can be really annoying - and there’s not much you can do unless your carrier offers a VoIP app that works with your phone contract. So make sure to check your phone to see how many signal bars you have in the area where you would be sitting and spending your time. Perhaps make a few test calls. Variations may exist depending on your carrier.

Having enough meeting rooms available is another important feature. You don’t want to have to book meeting rooms weeks in advance or to always hold team meetings in improvised, noisy and uncomfortable places.

You also want to ensure that you will get a comfortable workstation - spacious desk, comfy chair and a good amount of lighting are important. Even better if basic refreshments are offered for free - think tea & coffee, filtered water, some fruit and veggies.

Last but not least, do check the opening hours. Some co-working spaces, like HeartSpace Member's Club, offer 24/7 access. Others may close on weekends and outside of normal office hours. If you’re one of the many workaholics do check out of normal office hours access.

The nice-to-haves

Having all the above present is a great start and will ensure that you can work comfortably and productively. However, some coworking spaces go the extra mile and offer even better conditions.

Remember the meeting rooms we mentioned above - some places charge extra for meeting rooms. It could depend on your membership contract. If you need meeting rooms often, make sure they are free and easily bookable.

If you need to make a call or join a video conference it’s often necessary to do this in a private setting. Most coworking spaces don’t have many quiet spaces available. That’s why you often see people making calls in the hallway or the staircase. So make sure there are some quiet corners. Even better, dedicated phone booths, like the ones from MEAVO Büro Telefonzellen.

Having a nice place to grab some quality coffee and food can be a life saver. At HeartSpace Coworking & Coffee, you can try our coffee made with Fjord Coffee beans, roasted in Berlin and expertly prepared by our on-site Baristas. We aim to offer healthy, filling, and delicious home-made breakfast, sandwiches, bowls and pastries.

If you like to cycle to work, or go for the occasional run, check if the coworking space offers showers.

Finding that special place

The best co-working spaces understand that they operate as much in the hospitality & networking industry, as they do in the real estate one. The key difference is that, as such, they need to foster a community. Without the people, it would be just working, not co-working, right? So don’t be shy when visiting for trial days or exploring - say hi to a few of the existing members, ask them how they find the place. Ask for events - are regular events part of the routine? Is networking encouraged? At HeartSpace we have regular events for our members, including Yoga and Pilates classes and other healthy living activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit HeartSpace to see how we help our members stay productive and happy.